The Little Mermaid in Copenhagen topped my list of things to see and experience when I visited Denmark’s capital.  As the title eludes, it is a statue of a mermaid sitting in the harbor. It also happens to be one of the most famous statues in Europe. I’m going to be honest with you though: I was disappointed when I saw The Little Mermaid in real life. It was not as grand as I envisioned, but that’s probably my own fault. I should have paid more attention to the name. “Little“ definitely describes the statue.

The Little Mermaid in Copenhagen

The Little Mermaid in Copenhagen.

This picture is a close up of The Little Mermaid, so it looks much larger than it actually is. The statue is positioned on a rock off the harbor in Langelinie Promenade. As I mentioned, I was really excited to see The Little Mermaid statue, because it’s based on the fairy tale The Little Mermaid by Danish author and poet Hans Christian Andersen. The story of The Little Mermaid is one of my childhood favorites, so being in Denmark, where Andersen is from, and seeing the statue in person was like a fairy tale coming to life. In my head, I had this statue built up. I envisioned a huge, beautiful and graceful mermaid. While The Little Mermaid statue is beautiful, it only stands about four feet tall. I was that tall in elementary school. Maybe they should have called it The Kid-Sized Mermaid.

I know I am not the only one who was surprised by the size of The Little Mermaid. I could hear other tourists whispering about how small it is. The friends I was traveling with were also surprised by the size. I think a lot of people disregard the ”little” in the name and just assume it’s a large statue. Even though many of us were disappointed with the size of The Little Mermaid, I’d still recommend stopping by if you ever travel to Copenhagen. The statue is located right on the water, close to many parks and Copenhagen’s Amalienborg Palace. The scenery and architecture in the area is beautiful. There are also lots of small cafes within walking distance of The Little Mermaid. A stroll through this part of Copenhagen is a perfect way to spend an afternoon on a sunny day.

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