Unconventional Places to Sleep While Traveling

It’s inevitable that you’ll find unconventional places to sleep if you plan on traveling. While traveling is extremely exciting and fun, it can also be very exhausting. I like to getting up early, spending the entire day seeing everything and staying up late to see everything again at night (unless I’m visiting a beach, then I like to just relax and swim). Since I am constantly on the move when I travel, I’ve learned how to fall asleep in nearly every situation. Whether it is a bench in a train station, an actual train, an airport floor or a moving bus, I’ve managed to doze off for a few anywhere and everywhere. Enjoy the evidence below.

Sleeping in the Copenhagen Train Station

This is me sleeping in the Copenhagen train station. To save money, I skipped reserving a bed at the hostel the last night I was in town. Instead, I stayed out late at the bars and arrived at the train station extremely early for my train out of town. This was taken probably around 5 or 6 in the morning. You can see, I used my scarf as a blanket and my purse as a pillow.

Sleeping on the Train from Copenhagen to Oslo

This is actually later that same day. Since I stayed up all night, I slept  nearly the entire train ride from Copenhagen to Oslo. One downside of sleeping on the train is not seeing the scenery. Luckily, I had taken this same train before and had already experienced the trip.

Sleeping on the train from Oslo to Bergen, Norway.

This is another picture of me sleeping on a different train. However, this was a much shorter nap. I spent the weekend on the coast of Norway in Bergen. This was taken on the way back to Hamar, Norway (where I was living at the time). Here, I blocked out the loud sound of the train and people talking around me with music and used my jacket as a pillow.

Sleeping in Milan Airport

This picture was taken of my friends and me sleeping on the ground at the airport in Milan, Italy. We arrived in Milan via train very late that night. Our flight out was in the morning, so to save money we decided to skip the hostel and crash at the airport. We actually were not the only ones who had this idea. The guards at the airport shuffled us into a huge room packed with tourists sleeping on the ground for the night. Again, you’ll notice we put down scarves to sleep on and used our coats as blankets.

Sleeping in Bus in Tanzania

This picture was taken on a bus traveling on a dirt road through Tanzania. I was on a safari through the Serengeti for a week. We’d wake up very early in the morning to go look for animals, which resulted in a couple of afternoon naps on the way back to camp. My head is leaning on my friend’s arm. This is another great way of using what you have to help you doze off for a few. However, I would suggest only using this trick with someone you know, and not a stranger. :)

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Photo Gallery | Kilkenny, Ireland

These are some of my pictures of Kilkenny, Ireland. My mom and I took a day trip to Kilkenny from Dublin (there’s about an hour and a half train ride between the two) in May of 2012.

This biggest highlight of Kilkenny, Ireland is Kilkenny Castle, but there are also colorful buildings in the city center and medieval churches all over the place. On top of that, there’s the Smithwick’s Brewery at St. Francis Abbey and plenty of restaurants and shops.

The people of Kilkenny are some of the nicest I came across when I was in Europe. Not only would they go out of their way to say hello to each other, they also say hello to you (that’s not always the case when you travel abroad). They were extremely helpful in helping us find the train station when we were sprinting through Kilkenny to catch our train back to Dublin (pictured below).

Check out some of my pictures of Kilkenny (click on an image to open the slideshow)!

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